MetroPCS payment Online -Complete Guide On Metropcs Payment Bill Account {Updated 2021}

MetroPCS payment online- Carrying a MetroPCS phone? Want to make a MetroPCS payment? Have a bill pending? Just relax. Now you can make metro pcs payments online. You can pay the bills through this page. Here, we are intended to teach you how to make online payments for MetroPCS.

Just have a brief eye on this article to know the procedure of online MetroPCS payment and its working. The MetroPCS online payment procedure is speedy, convenient and easy to use. To make the payment, you are required to enter your phone number and password. The MetroPCS Payments can also be made offline through the MetroPCS store or franchise or by calling the MetroPCS customer service centre and following the told procedure. The sections below tell you more about the MetroPCS payment.


MetroPCS customers have to pay regular bills. For this reason, MetroPCS has derived several convenient ways for its customers to make payments, which can be done quickly online, via mail, through the MetroPCS stores or by phone. The online service of making MetroPCS payments is applicable during the working hours. The interested customers can make the payments through the mobile app or the browser, which has an embedded suitable auto-payment system. You must have a MetroPCS account so you can log in to your account t make the MetroPCS payment. The following text includes more details.

MetroPCS payment online pay bills

The MetroPCS payments online can be carried out in various reliable ways. The customers have the feasibility to make bill transactions via phone, the MetroPCS franchise, through mail or online. The customers can also process automatic mailed payments from their bank accounts. The payments are non-refundable, and the requests follow a onetime confirm process. The MetroPCS system provides you with a transaction confirmation ID that can help you out during the whole process of MetroPCS payment.

The customers can make advance or combined MetroPCS payments as well. The MetroPCS system notifies when the account balance of the customer is negative and encourages the customer to make payment. Here we will tell you about MetroPCS bill payment process, payment options and rejected MetroPCS payment requests. We will also list some significant reasons behind the rejection.

Here, you will get to know about different ways of making MetroPCS bill payments. The most common methods of making any transactions are online and offline methods. These two options further open several gates of payment modes. It is always advised that the customer must go through all the ways and check their feasibility for himself.

Thus, concluding with the best payment method. We will guide you about the online and offline payment modes for paying MetroPCS bills. Customers are willing to know more about the payment modes for making MetroPCS bill transactions are advised to follow and bookmark our website for the latest updates.

MetroPCS bill payment online and offline

Are you a MetroPCS customer and tired of the MetroPCS notifications about the fees? Then hold on to this page. This article carries complete details about the MetroPCS payment. You can pay MetroPCS bills online and offline. There are separate sections for both modes further in this article, giving the complete mode details. Check out all modes of payment and choose any one method, which is the best and most convenient for you.

Online payment

This section contains details about the online payment methods of MetroPCS bills. There are various modes of making online MetroPCS payment. If you are interested in making MetroPCS payment online, then you can choose the following modes.

·         Pay through a mobile app

You can use the MetroPCS mobile application to process the MetroPCS bill payments through your transaction cards. The app can be in downloaded directly from the google app store to your android smartphone. For iPhone users, the app is available on the app has a user-friendly environment that guides you through the whole process of payment.

·         Autopay

This method is available through the eWallet in the MetroPCS customer account. This is regarded as the easiest way to make MetroPCS payments. This method makes automated transactions of the monthly MetroPCS payment from your debit/credit card. This method keeps you from frustrating notifications and payment reminders every month.

·         My Account

The MetroPCS My Account also enables you to make online payment through the bank cards. All you need to do is to sign in you MetroPCS account from your PC or smartphone. There you can make the online payment and also keep a record of the transaction. You can also save the bank card information for future convenience.

·         Express Pay

Express Pay is an easy method to make MetroPCS payment if you are not willing to sign in to your MetroPCS account. The express Pay shows the procedure on the screen and guides you at every step, making it easier for the customers to make the payment. The Express Pay eWallet also enables you to save the bank card information for further use at the end.

·         eWallet: no charge

eWallet is the secure electronic wallets. The eWallet is capable of managing funds and credit cards. The eWallet can also be used to make MetroPCS bill payment online. This can also be used to credit your MetroConnect account, which can be used further to buy mobile applications, ringtones and more.

·         Text to pay : no charge

Another easier way to make MetroPCS payment online is the text to pay method. You must have a debit card or credit card linked to you MetroPCS eWallet for making payment through this method. Just reply to pay now text from 729669 to make the payment.

·         Auto pay: no charge

Autopay is an automated set up to process the monthly MetroPCS bill transaction via the credit/debit card information available on your MetroPCS eWallet. These features can be enabled through the MyAccount feature from You can also get assistance from a MetroPCS customer service center and authorizes dealers. This process deducts the billing amount from the Account linked five days before the payment deadline.

·         Express Pay: no charge

The MetroPCS monthly bills can be processed through the Express Pay option. Follow the below process: > Manage & Pay options.

Though this mode, you can pay the monthly MetroPCS bill without logging in to your account. The Express Pay is a onetime payment mode. You can also login to your MetroPCS customer account to process the express payment online.

Through the automated phone system

The MetroPCS monthly bills can be paid by dialling *99 from the MetroPCS phone or contacting the customer service centre through 1-888-863-9768. This is a secure method to make the MetroPCS bill payment, but the transactions charge $2.00 for the convenience and service.

Offline modes

If you don’t find online payment modes easier or want to make an offline payment instead, then you can use any of the several methods of making MetroPCS payment offline. Here are the details of the MetroPCS payment offline modes. You can choose any of these which you find easy and comfortable for you.

·         Payment machine location

You can pay the monthly MetroPCS bill through authorized machines. These machines accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards. It requires you to input your phone number and account PIN to process the payment. It must be noted that the payment machines are not located on all MetroPCS service stores. Usually, the payment machines are available at the corporate MetroPCS centres. The device charges $2.00 as the service fee.

·         Over the counter

The MetroPCS payment can be made at the authorized MetroPCS franchise. You can make the MetroPCS payment by cash or credit/debit card. This service also has a $3.00 service fee.

·         Automated phone service

Customers can also make the MetroPCS payments by dialling *99 from their phones.

·         Phone customer service

The MetroPCS customers can also contact the MetroPCS customer care centre by dialling 888-8metro8 and talk to the MetroPCS customer service representative to process the MetroPCS payment.

·         MetroPCS bill payment stores-Metropcs customer service

The MetroPCS customers who are willing to pay the MetroPCS bills offline can also do so by choosing the nearest payment store. The following MetroPCS stores can be visited to make the MetroPCS payment.

  1. MetroPCS customer care centre
  2. MetroPCS corporate store
  3. MetroPCS payment machine
  4. MetroPCS dropbox
  5. Authorized MetroPCS payment center

·         MetroPCS payment via mail

Customers can also make their monthly MetroPCS bill by mailing the required amount in cash or check to the following address.

  • MetroPCS Wireless Inc.
  • PO Box no. 5119
  • Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

MetroPCS payment page:

Step by step guide

MetroPCS websites also support the process of making online transactions. The customers can use the online website to make the MetroPCS payments. But you must know the exact payment amount and the MetroPCS customer number. To access the MetroPCS page, enter in your browser URL and continue the following steps.

  1. Open the MetroPCS homepage
  2. Click on the “Menu” on the top of the page
  3. You will find Shop, Support and Payment options.
  4. Click on the “payment” button, and you will land on a page to make payment.
  5. Enter your MetroPCS phone number. It will ask for a confirmation code. Complete the confirmation process.
  6. Enter your debit/credit card details and click “confirm” after rechecking the entered credentials.
  7. Congratulations, you have successfully made the transaction.

You must know that failure in making the monthly MetroPCS payment will suspend your Account temporally and deactivate its services. To avoid this, you must make the metropcs payment phone number before the due date. After that, your Account will be disabled.

To reactivate, you must pay the monthly amount within 30 days following the due date. In case you fail to pay the amount within the 30 days, and you must visit the local MetroPCS store or contact the MetroPCS customer care centre to reactivate your account. You can contact the customer care centre by dialling 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768).

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