Metropcs Hotspot Near me -Is mobile hotspot unlimited on Metro PCS?

Are u looking to Metropcs Hotspot Plans that can help to recharge MetroPCS unlimited hotspot plan that can help to choose among the best wireless MetroPCS 5g hotspot plans?

What are metro pcs?

It is fundamentally a prepaid wireless service provider. Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang are their founders. Metro by T- mobile was earlier in the past known as metro PCs or just precisely as metro.

How to have it on the phone? Is mobile hotspot unlimited on Metro PCS?

  1. The first step is to click on the Hotspot app on the phone.
  1. Secondly, click on Mobile Hotspot Settings
  1. The third step will involve selecting Configure Mobile Hotspot.
  1. If required, give a name to your Wi-Fi. Also create a password, and then click on SAVE.
  1. Turn your Hotspot to ON

There will certainly be no inconvenience while following these steps. The above-mentioned steps are easy and can be done by anyone.

Metro pcs Hotspot Plans

Here we are going to provide metro pcs hotspot top up to make recharge you metropcs mobile with metro pcs 5g internet to use hotspot.

Tablet Stream

$15/mo. Unlimited high-speed data* + 480p streaming

$30/mo. Unlimited high-speed data* + HD streaming

Mobile Hotspot


10GB high-speed data


30GB high-speed data


50GB high-speed data


75GB high-speed data

Car & RV


2GB high-speed data

How to have it on your tablet or precisely on any other device?

Enable Wi-Fi, particularly on that device, select the network of your phone and then enter the necessary password. Here you go, your table or any other device that you prefer has the hotspot. These steps can change depending on the device.

Generally, the facility of mobile Hotspot helps or assists you to share the connection with various other devices having Mobile Hotspot at  just $5/Month. Which is great, isn’t it.  Also, to know how many hotspots you have. You can open the T-Mobile application. Click on the bottom left. You will see the usage option, under usage option click on “Get the details”. All the necessary information will be shown.

Features of metropcs hotspot

  • High speed internet facility
  • Convenience
  • With the assistance of MetroPCS Hotspot unlimited plans, each and everyone can certainly enjoy unlimited data and that to with high speed. Isn’t that great! We can also exploit varied plans and make use of it in the best possible manner.
  • Better management
  • Numerous options are available to consumers when it comes to choosing plans.
  • There is no sort of restriction. It means that whenever you want you can extend the data ahead and enjoy it’s use.
  • Connection with numerous devices easily
  • Private connect ease in the market
  • Secure and easy to use

Many carriers provide you with various productive unlimited plans. But it is seen that some of them have restrictions and limitations. 

How to avail the facility of hotspot?

The first method and the best one can be by visiting the physical store itself. You can find the store using the map facility as well. For this the person just needs to search ‘Metro PCS Locations Near Me” and they assist you with the correct nearest locations. You can also convey your request to the customer service department.

  • Visit Metropcs website

Furthermore, you can also visit the Metropcs website which is more convenient and easy. All you need to do is fill out the necessary application form. After filling the required and mandatory information form you can proceed ahead with submitting the form. After some  days you will receive some information asking you to pick a Sim card or buy a mobile.


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