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Metropcs iPhone SE-Apple’s new smartphone, the iPhone SE 2020, has been on sale for a month. While we had offered a comparison and then an overview of the first tests, we preferred to wait to use it for a month before giving you our opinion.

As expected, the latest model offers a real alternative to Chinese Androids which are displayed around 500-600 euros with a real technological arsenal. Its homogeneity is its greatest asset. Let’s take stock of this second generation of iPhone SE.

Metropcs iPhone SE

The iPhone SE 2020: what we liked

After a month of intensive use instead of my iPhone 11 Red, this iPhone SE 2020 – also in red – did not steal the praise of the specialized press when it was released. If we felt that Apple had pushed the mainstream media to crown it, it turns out to be an excellent companion.

Let’s not talk technical, let’s talk practical. The iPhone SE 2 is the best cheap phone on the market thanks to the combination of quality hardware and meticulous software. With the heart of an iPhone 11 Pro (the A13 chip and 1 GB of RAM less, i.e. 3 GB), an iPhone 8 camera but boosted with AI, and state-of-the-art connectivity, it can turn to do. Calling of course, but also surfing, gaming, and working on the go.

First, we must salute the format of the device. Indeed, the latest Apple smartphone is the smallest and lightest in the range. For those who are accustomed to larger iPhones, we realize that the design introduced by the iPhone 6 is really practical, especially with one hand.

Then, daily, we only noted no slowdown under iOS 13.4, even with several apps launched in parallel and juggling between them. It’s a real pleasure, especially since the button Touch-ID makes navigation easier. Yes, we like to reuse the home button to quit an app, login, or even pay. Touch ID 2.0 is practically more effective than Face ID because you can use it without getting a stiff neck, something that can happen with a notched iPhone under certain conditions.

Another advantage is its explosive connection which allows you to download your emails or an app in the blink of an eye. In 4G or WiFi, the youngest caps everything that is done on the market, well helped by iOS 13 which is perfectly adapted to its host. But this also applies to the other smartphones in the range.

Finally, side Photo, even if the iPhone 11 is better, the iPhone SE 2020 is more than capable of satisfying the average person, as long as they are not looking for the most precise portrait mode or quality in low light. Shooting is fast, clean, and effective in most cases. Photos and videos can be shared with family or networks without shame, even with the front camera.

Also let’s not forget his price: €489 for 64 GB of storage, the best price ever recorded for a new Apple smartphone. Even the fiery iPhone 5c, already dropped when it was released, was not as competitive.

PS: the red color is really beautiful, identical to the iPhone 11 Red which finally displays a black front. We had also received the black iPhone SE 2020, but we preferred to share the photos in the red version.

Metropcs iPhone se

iPhone SE 2022: Buy Metropcs iPhone SE Price Deals unlock review from Walmart

If finally, the iPhone SE 2020 complies in all respects with what Apple had announced to us, it has a few flaws. Far from being prohibitive, they prevent the apple firm from delivering a perfect copy. But at this price, was it possible.

The one who provides only a 30% margin to Apple indeed displays autonomy a fair bit, modeled on what the iPhone 8 offered, perhaps a bit better. But as I said, the purpose of this test is not to go into technical details, but to take stock of its daily use. So, after a good day, the latest Apple smartphone will have to plug into a socket, something that an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro does not require.

Another grievance, the screen. Although Apple’s LCD is still the best on the market in its category, we would have liked either an OLED or a full screen (or both). Imagine an iPhone SE 2020 with an edge-to-edge screen like iPhone XR or iPhone 11? Even displayed at €589, it would probably have been more successful. Apple would then have integrated Face ID, or a new Touch ID under the screen. And therefore, trim its (small) margin.

The rendering may be identical to that of an iPhone 11 for example, its smallness means that an iPhone user with a notch will have a hard time going back to 4.7 inches. That’s the big sticking point unless you have an older iPhone. There, it’s the perfect iPhone for tight budgets.

Finally, one last little complaint: lack of optical zoom. But again, the calculation of the final cost weighed heavily in the balance.

Conclusion and opinion on “iPhone SE 2022” (Apple)

Having tested the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 11 Pro, we imagined a perfect mix between the two phones by testing the iPhone SE 2020. Sold half the price, the latest iPhone amazed us for a month, offering the best value brand quality/price.

Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments.

Most :

  • Impeccable value for money
  • Top-level performance
  • Good rear camera
  • Handling thanks to its size and reduced weight
  • Update for 5 years (until iOS 18?)
  • Touch ID (for those who don’t like Face ID)

The lessers :

  • Design seen and reviewed since the iPhone 6
  • Small screen (and imposing black border)
  • Photos in poor conditions (especially low light)
  • Autonomy (for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro regulars)
  • Touch ID (for those who love Face ID)


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