How to change My metro pcs number?

How to change my metro pcs number-There are numerous and varied reasons for which one can change their metro pcs number. The reason can be as simple as a personal one to receiving inadequate calls. But the most common and suggested method to change the metro pcs number is to contact a Metropcs customer support. Contacting them and asking them to change the number will serve the purpose.

change My metro pcs number

How to change my metro pcs number?

Keep in mind they will definitely charge a fee for a new one and also a transfer fee. Also dialing 611 and getting in touch with a proper technical representative will also be highly beneficial because they will be able to guide in the best possible manner. The two best ways to change the metro pcs phone number are as follows:

  • Metro PCs offer and put forward one of the best solutions that is to visit the store personally and get your problem solved. The problem that people face is that they receive a lot of unnecessary calls.
  •  Visiting the store and conveying the problem is the best solution. The dealer or the representative there will take care of everything from solving the problem to putting in the new number. It is considered as the best method because here you can ask all your queries and questions live and straightway. Trust is generally built when you are able to contact and communicate naturally. 
  • The next method is also a convenient one because here you are not required to spend time visiting the store or have a hassle journey. All you are certainly required to do is calling 888-8Metro8. An automated response system will be at your service. You are needed to follow the commands as they come. 
  • There is also a command of “change my number”. The system itself offers you with adequate information and also the required number. A proper message will automatically come when the process is complete. Though there are many people who find this process a little difficult one because of technical dependency it is always better to visit the store when required. Though, one should be aware that the representative always charges a fee for their service.
  • These are the ways that can help you solve the problem easily and quickly. You can also bring a distinct number from another carrier to metro pcs stores and the dealer will help you with that as well.  This is known as the facility of porting from a different and varied carrier. Also for knowledge, it is necessary to know what happens to the old number. 
  • It is believed that the number is reused by another individual. It never vanishes, it is just that it is used by someone else which certainly means that if one of your friends will contact you on your old contact number they will definitely be contacting a new person. Also, the process of changing numbers or porting number generally take seven to ten days.

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