Are Metro PCS Cell Phones Worth Having?

Are Metro PCS Cell Phones Worth Having? If you are looking for excellent quality cellular service at the best price, MetroPCS may be the company you are looking for. Metro PCS cell phones offer unlimited talk, text (messages and pictures) and Internet (4G speed) for just $ 40 / month (there are $ 50 and $ 60 / month plans). You can have this without contracts and without commitments. In many cases, it is cheaper to buy Metro PCS cell phones online than to buy them in the store.

Is Metro PCS worth having?

If you are looking for a company that offers you a good cellular service with a good signal, a good price and good telephones, MetroPCS is for you. When you buy a cell phone with Metro, you can choose between plans of $ 40 and $ 50 per month (taxes included) and save money on your cell service. All this without contracts or commitments.

Although Metro PCS cell phones are a little more expensive (in the price you pay when buying the phone), you can actually save money with this company, since you will not have expensive additional contracts or services and you will only pay less than $ 50 for the plan of cell phone.

The best thing about Metro PCS: they don’t charge you a late payment fee. If for some reason you cannot pay for your phone on time (they also send you a reminder message every month), you will never pay extra for paying your cell service late.

This company has greatly improved its signal and quality of service recently. In fact, its signal is going to be much better in the future when it becomes part of T-Mobile in the near future. If you hope to have the best on the Internet, you can start buying a Metro PCS cell phone .

Metro PCS also gives you 100% customer service in Spanish . So you don’t have to worry about speaking English when you need help or customer service with your cell phone. In addition, Metro PCS has unlimited international calling plans to Latin American countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and others.

Is Metro PCS service good?

Metro PCS service has improved tremendously. With the Metro PCS network you can have 4G Internet for a much cheaper price than you imagine. The internet is super fast and for a great price. In addition, this company has 4G networks installed (the fastest possible Internet for cell phones) in most cities and towns in the United States, so you can be confident that you will have good service wherever you go.

The best way to evaluate Metro PCS service is by looking at the Metro PCS coverage map .

What is the coverage of Metro PCS?

You can see the MetroPCS coverage map . So you can see what services and the quality of the MetroPCS signal in the area where you live.

When viewing this map, you can see the service coverage in your area by typing your address or zip code in the bar just above the map. If the coverage is deep purple, your area receives excellent service and you can start saving on your cell service.

What phones can you use with Metro PCS?

You can use any phone that has the Metro PCS logo on it. You can buy one online from the official website, or you can also buy a phone from sites like eBay or Craigslist. 

Most of the time, it is much cheaper to buy a Metro PCS cell phone online than in the store

The best Metro PCS cell phones

If you are looking for the best cell phones from MetroPCS, you can start by looking at the cell phone catalog . Metro PCS has the best Android cell phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, LG cell phones, Huawei cell phones with an excellent 4G Internet network. Among the best-selling cell phones you can find cell phones with 4G Internet, with a camera so you can see yourself with other people and Android cell phones.

Best Metro PCS Coupons

If you are looking for coupons for cell phones, you can read our start by looking at our page: The best coupons for Metro PCS and you can also look for them in the for coupons for Metro PCS. On that page you can find the best coupons and discounts for your new cell phone.

Another way to save when buying cell phones is using eBay , Amazon or Craigslist (although there are several used cell phones at a good price, you can get new cell phones for less than what you pay in the store)

If you have any questions about Metro PCS cell phones or cell phone service or plans, leave us a comment below. You can also tell us about your experience with this company (good or bad).


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